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As soon as he entered the room, Zhou Zuizui wanted to relax and keep

As soon as he entered the room, Zhou Zuizui wanted to relax and keep a distance from Shen Nan. Just as she spoke, Shen Nan covered her mouth. Zhou Zuizui opened his eyes wide and looked at him with his eyelashes blinking, not knowing why. Shen Nan put down the things in his hands, reached out to pull people into his arms, and then bowed his head to write in her palm. After a while, Zhou Zuizui nodded his head to show that he knew. He was worried that there was surveillance or monitoring in the room, and that other people would not be able to get into the room, but if there was a real motive for the crime, someone who wanted to do something, there would be no difficulty for the skilled. Soldiers can climb the stairs with their bare hands to save people, and these people with devious ideas also have other ways to do bad things. Thinking, Zhou Zuizui hung directly on Shen Nan, close to his ear and spoke with breath, so that the people on the other side of the monitor could not hear any sound. How to find it? Her voice was very light, her breath was all in Shen Nan's ears, and the fragrance of the woman's body was all blown into her breath with the wind, which made Shen Nan sink his eyes. With his body frozen, he put his arms around her waist and pressed it close to Zhou Zuizui's ear. "Turn off the light and go to bed first," he said in a breathed voice. Go to a place where even if there is a pinhole camera,temperature scanning kiosks, it will be convenient to detect. Zhou Zuizui: "… …" She raised her eyebrows, put her hands on Shen Nan's shoulders, looked at him, her voice was soft, and deliberately increased the volume: "Husband, don't you drink with me first?" With a smile, Shen Nan brushed her ear and asked, "Are you drunk?" Zhou Zuizui thought about his conversation with Qiuqiu downstairs and winked at Shen Nan: "Come with me when you are drunk?" He hooked his lips and smiled,interactive whiteboard prices, with a hint of deep meaning: "Where to go?" Zhou Zui Zui smiled ambiguously and said two words: "On the bed." The author has something to say: Ah, ah, ah, the author is really not a person! It's chapter five! Why is it developing so fast! Baidu about the detection method of pinhole camera. The feeling is so complicated, if there is a bug in the next chapter, I hope you will forgive me! I just blew Captain Shen! Thank you for understanding! Keep sending red envelopes! These two developments are really fast! Trust me! Love you! Leave more messages! Romantic at six Two people's play is very full, the cooperation is also very tacit understanding. Zhou Zuizui's room is well designed, charming and enjoyable. One of the rooms was specially built with a tatami, on which there was a small tea table, the kind made of weaving, with two small chairs made of rattan and wood on both sides, which creaked when sitting on it. That place is equipped with antique small chandeliers, turn off the other lights in the room, leaving the two chandeliers over there, digital signage kiosk ,touch screen kiosk, and add a hazy and ambiguous atmosphere to the whole room. In order to do a little natural, two people really carried the wine in the past, began to taste, tired of crooked together. Zhou Zuizui pulled the small rattan chair on one side to Shen Nan's side and squeezed with him. Shen Nan sat near the edge of the bed, blocked by Zhou Zuizui more than half of the body. Zhou Zuizui clung to him so tightly that he took a sip of wine and put it in his ear. "Now go to bed?" He said in a breathy voice. "No.." Go to the bathroom first. Shen Nan leaned close to her ear and asked in a low voice, "Where is the power supply in the room?" Zhou Zuizui: "… …" …… In front of the computer on the other side, Brother Leopard looked at the two people who were drinking and tightened his brows. The strong son of one side is looking, swallowed next saliva: "Leopard elder brother, the figure of this woman is really his mother is too good!" The figure is very good, especially when bending down, the curve of the figure is like a nosebleed. And in the video, the woman also deliberately clings to the man, the whole body is hanging on the man's body, lotus skin and limbs. More and more explicit, obviously nothing is exposed, but the two people's actions are to let people look at the fire, feeling that it is going to happen all the time. "Brother Leopard looked at himself and breathed heavily." ***! He looked at the more and more excessive two people in the surveillance, looked at Qiangzi: "You watch here, I go to take a bath." "No problem," said Qiangzi with a wretched smile. Only two seconds later, the people in the picture were lingering together and disappeared. The only thing left for Hadron was the closed door of the bathroom. "Shit!" He used an expletive and followed him impatiently to one side of the room. In the bathroom, Zhou Zuizui and Shen Nan quickly separated as soon as they went in. Her face was red, as if she had been stained with good Rouge, her eyelashes trembled, and she sat directly on one side of the toilet. Shen Nan lowered his eyes and looked at her with deep eyes. The two people in the bathroom each calmed down for a few minutes, Zhou Zuizui pretended to be relaxed, shrugged his shoulders and looked at him proudly: "How was my performance just now?" Shen Nan didn't say anything. His breath and body are full of the fragrance of women, who are soft and boneless, with delicate skin and good figure. Close to oneself, the curve is clearly revealed, Yingying slender waist, as if he can hold the whole hand. Too thin, too thin, too slippery. Hello Zhou Zuizui frowned and kicked Shen Nan on his toes. "Speak," he said. "Average." Hearing this, Zhou Zuizui looked at him in disbelief and pointed to himself with his backhand: "Do you dare to say so?" She has accumulated this for many years. Last time, Qiuqiu said that she was good at acting, and she was especially able to frighten people. Shen Nan did not answer her such an idiotic question. His Adam's apple rolled and whispered, "You make some noise." "What sound?" Shen Nan lowered his eyes and took out something from his pocket. Zhou Zuizui looked at it, his eyes were straight, and it was unbelievable. "What are you?" "Check the detector of the camera." Shen Nan said succinctly: "The room is not big, when testing, the alarm detector will have a faint sound." Hearing this, Zhou Zuizui understood in an instant. Shen Nan's meaning is to let her play something out to cover up the sound of the alarm detector, so as not to let the people on the monitoring side find out. Thinking, Zhou Zuizui turned on the water in the bathroom and let the water flow,outdoor digital signage displays, while Shen Nan was busy with his own. After a while, as soon as the detector had a sound and a warning light, Shen Nan turned it off. hsdtouch.com