Cousin Difficult [Jin Tui]

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"Go to the East Palace!" As soon as Qi Nian gritted his teeth,

"Go to the East Palace!" As soon as Qi Nian gritted his teeth, he pointed to the palace people in the imperial kitchen and snapped, "Now someone is rebelling, you immediately follow me to the East Palace to escort!"! When the time comes for the assassin to fall to the law, you are all meritorious ministers, and there will be a heavy reward! If you don't go, you'll be guilty of the same crime as the assassin! As she shouted, she had butterflies in her stomach. There were only two people, she and Ruyi. If these palace people did not listen to her, or even said that she was an arsonist and wanted to arrest her, it would be very easy. Fortunately, these palace people had no idea at this time. They had panicked long ago when they heard that they were guilty of the same crime as the assassin. Moreover, the seven-tailed phoenix hairpin on Qi Nian's head had played a great deterrent role. These people did not know about what happened tonight, and some had heard that there was indeed a county princess entering the palace tonight, so they did not think about what to do with the county princess at all. They just heard that they were going to escort her, and they were a little afraid. The bold ones stammered, "Princess, I'm afraid the maidservants don't have the ability.." "I don't want you to fight assassins." Qi Nian tonight is a quick-witted person, lies are not stumbling, "you all light torches to go with me,smartboards for business, as long as the palace is alarmed, assassins where dare to start!" The palace people heard that this was reasonable, so they lit torches one after another, and Qi Nian told them to take a bottle of sesame oil with them and go out, ready to set fire outside. By this time, the imperial kitchen was already burning red. Not far away, Qi Nian and a group of talented people were surrounded by bodyguards: "Who is making a noise?" As soon as Qi Nian heard it,digital touch screen board, she thought it was not good. The fire is burning like this, even if the guards do not say to help put out the fire, at least to ask "how to walk the water"? Why do you say "who is making a noise"? "It's the princess of the county." A palace man who was walking in front of him subconsciously wanted to push Qi Nian out. When the bodyguard heard this, he immediately changed his face. With a knife, he cut the palace man down to the ground and shouted, "How dare you set fire and rebel? Take them all! He came over with a knife. This is the side of the king of Qi! The words flashed through Qi Nian's mind and he immediately shouted, "This is an assassin!"! Splash them with oil! He took the lead in throwing out the sesame oil bottle and torch in his hand, and then turned around and ran away. By this time, there was a hubbub everywhere in the palace. Although the oil and torches splashed by the palace people had burned several people, more of them were dodged by the guards, and even some people were cut down to the ground before they threw the torches out. "Princess, quickly find a place to hide, and the maidservant will distract them!" "No!"! Run together! Qi Nian gritted his teeth and ran wildly. "It's impossible that the palace is full of them. Maybe we'll meet reinforcements later!" Unfortunately, things in this world are often contrary to one's wishes. Qi Nian remembered that he had seen the palace drama before, interactive touch screens education ,smartboard for business, in which the imperial concubines ran very fast, and the guards and eunuchs behind them could not catch up with her, but it was totally different when she came here. The guards were tall and leggy, and their clothes were convenient for movement. One step was two steps against her. They had only run twenty or thirty steps, and the guards behind them had already caught up with them and surrounded them. Qi Nian gritted his teeth and turned to stare at them. "Do you want to rebel?"? Do you want to work for the king of Qi? Do you know how many military forces the emperor has outside? As long as the emperor's people come in, you all want to destroy the nine clans! It doesn't matter if you die, don't involve your family too! She just wants to delay time now, as long as the palace makes trouble, put what the king of Qi has done on the surface, he will not succeed! However, although the number of bodyguards in front of us is not large, they are extremely ruthless. All the palace people in the imperial kitchen have been cut down, and I don't know how many are still alive. I'm afraid these people are the iron of the king of Qi. Even if the emperor can win today, she will probably die. Staring at the guards with blood on their swords, Qi Nian suddenly had a lot of thoughts in her mind: a son and a daughter in the palace, so young; Wu's uncle and aunt, so old; Han Yan, Leng Yuru, Xu Maoyun, these friends would cry; and finally, Zhao Yanheng's face. Qi Nian has always felt that the relationship between her and Zhao Yanheng is stable, but there is a lack of intense feelings that can make her feel in love. This marriage is more a kind of business than enjoyment for her, even if she has already had children. She is very satisfied to know Zhao Yanheng before marriage and know more or less about him. What else can she force in this era? But at this moment, at the end of her life, she suddenly missed Zhao Yanheng very strongly. Not counting on him to save himself, but regretting that he could not see him again before he died. Only at this moment did she discover that the marriage life of a long stream of water could also cultivate deep feelings. Although it was not as intense as thunder and fire, it was a solid foundation for mutual consultation and joint management. She loved Zhao Yanheng. In these years of life, they had gradually become one and inseparable. The knife raised and stood in front of Qi Nian with a scream, but it didn't make any sense. It was just a matter of dying for a minute and a half first. Qi Nian closed his eyes, really not reconciled ah, she is only twenty years old this year! With the sound of a sharp object breaking the wind, Qi Nian heard a dull scream, but it was not like that. When she opened her eyes, she happened to see the chief bodyguard fall down in front of her, with an arrow shaft exposed behind her. The knife had already cut her shoulder, but she was unable to continue. Qi Nian raised his eyes in astonishment, and the guards around him screamed one after another, but Qi Nian did not see them. She only saw Zhao Yanheng standing there in the light of the fire, holding a bow in his hand. The light of the fire lit up his face, the deep fear and anxiety in his eyes, and the joy and ecstasy of saving people in time would be engraved in her heart forever. To be honest, Qi Nian was not very clear about the process until the palace change was put down. Zhao Yanheng refused to say a word or a thing to remind her of the horrible scene that night, for fear that she would be frightened, and she herself did not really want to understand-at the critical moment of life and death,interactive whiteboard for schools, ah, she had nightmares for two days, and really did not want to recall.