Airspeed star marks

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Suddenly thought of what, the sky mark only felt his body like falling into the ice cellar.

Suddenly thought of what, the sky mark only felt his body like falling into the ice cellar. He is very clear, also confirmed by Liao En, now the white gas, that is, the original Qingliu, is the energy of the space system power. But what is the black gas against it? Is that, is that a dark power? Thinking of this possibility, Tianhen's heart trembled. Although he was calm, he could no longer remain calm in the face of his conjecture. Liao En said that when a person has two powers, only two things can happen. One is that the two powers coexist without exclusion. Although the power will be stronger than that of the same level, it is difficult to practice to more than ten levels. The other situation is even more terrible, when the two powers are mutually exclusive, there is only one result, that is, to explode and die. The powers of space and the powers of darkness are already mutually exclusive. Are you going to die? In fact, Tianhen doesn't know how lucky he is. Dark powers are definitely an outlier in the world of powers. It is the absolute enemy of the light power, and if these two powers appear in the same body at the same time, there is no other possibility, there will be a violent explosion immediately. At the same time, dark powers are also excluded from the four powers of water, fire, earth, and wind. The four powers that represent the forces of nature are not compromised by dark powers. The space power is the most neutral of all seven main powers, and although it is not easy to accept other powers, it will not be too strongly rejected. Powers are actually innate, but except for special geniuses like Lan Lan, who are born with powers, they all need to be guided by the day after tomorrow. The power of the space system of the sky mark is guided by the eager state of mind. And he himself also has the potential of dark powers. When faced with Lenore again, the negative emotions in her heart finally led out the deep dark power. Although the space power will not absolutely exclude the dark power, but also do not want to occupy the main body of a sharer,silk ficus tree, and the dark power is more overbearing, naturally there is a scene of mutual confrontation, but the confrontation between them is not strong. Even so, without three months of intensive training, Tianhen's body would have been unable to bear it. Hen, get up and eat. Then I'll take you to the saint. Old Mali's voice rang out. The sky mark only felt that the body had been soaked with sweat, not because of pain, but more because of fear. The color of life has just appeared, and he absolutely does not want to end it. He got up reluctantly and said, "Dad, I'll take a shower first and then have a meal." Under the stimulation of hot water, the body of the sky mark is much more comfortable, and the two different breaths in the body gradually calm down under the harmony of the cosmic gas. Relieved, although he knew that the matter was not over, he could only stop thinking about it for the time being. After a not sumptuous but delicate breakfast, fake blossom tree ,faux ficus tree, Tian Hen said to his mother, "Mom, give me your ID card.". When I graduated, because I was a top student, the college awarded me a thousand cosmic coins. You can keep it. Mai Ruo was stunned and said, "And a reward?"? A thousand is so much! Why didn't you give it back to your benefactor? Tian Hen said with a wry smile, "Yes, but Mr. Damon doesn't want it. I've already thought about it. When I earn more, we can pay back what we owe the teacher together.". With a thousand cosmic coins, it's enough for you two to spend a year. "It's more than a year," Mali said with a laugh. "We don't have any money to spend here. We just need to pay some fees related to the house. One thousand yuan is enough for several years. It seems that my son will be more and more promising. "Ah Hen," said Mai Ruo, "you don't have to transfer it all to me. You'll have to leave some for yourself. You'll need money to find a job in a big city in the future. Don't worry about yourself. It's not easy to be alone outside. Feeling his mother's care, Tian Hen nodded with a heat in his eyes. Mali took Tianhen out of the building where he lived. He first went to the place where the card was drawn and then transferred it to Mairuo for eight hundred yuan. It was only after Mali's repeated requests that Tianhen left two hundred yuan. On the surface, there was no difference between the slums and the past, but when Tianhen saw the poor, he found something different. In the past, the eyes of the poor were empty and lifeless, and only some children could find some fun for themselves. But now it has completely changed, everyone seems to be full of spirit, their eyes are filled with joy and expectation, as if they are looking forward to something. Far away, Tianhen saw a high platform, about 20 meters high, with the high platform as the center, surrounded by poor people living around, their eyes are looking up. The sky mark looked up and saw a girl standing on the high platform, which was not wide. She was playing with the simple instrument on the high platform, which seemed to be a megaphone or something like that. Seeing this woman, Tianhen can not help but be disappointed, she is not as beautiful as her mother said, compared with her former girlfriend Lianna, or the unruly and willful Xuemei, she is much inferior. White skin, medium stature, looks a little thin, light blue hair with her movements slightly fluttering, her appearance is very ordinary, but her face is always with a touch of a faint smile, the eyes of the soft even so far away, the sky mark can still feel. Originally, Tianhen had thought that the girl had some intentions, but when he really saw her, he gave up the idea, it was the soft light in the girl's eyes that changed his view. Dad, is that the saint you said on the stage? Tianhen asked in a low voice. Old Mali's eyes fell on the girl with some reverence. "Yes!"! That's her. How's it going? Isn't she beautiful? Day mark just want to say something, but listen to the girl on the stage: "Well, we have to start the class.". Everyone please keep quiet. Thank you. Her voice was as soft as her eyes, warming everyone's heart like a warm spring breeze, and suddenly there was silence around her,artificial grass panels, and the loudspeaker, which was not very effective, spread the soft business farther in the quiet environment.